Friday, 14 November 2008

S.U.M.N.N.K.N.A. aka Sumthin U Might Not Never Know Nuthin About:"Jules" The Worlds 1st Humanoid

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Scientists have created the first 'humanoid' robot that can mimic the facial expressions and lip movements of a human being.

'Jules' - a disembodied androgynous robotic head - can automatically copy the movements, which are picked up by a video camera and mapped on to the tiny electronic motors in his skin.

It can grin and grimace, furrow its brow and 'speak' as his software translates real expressions observed through video camera 'eyes'.

Side Note: So i guess it's safe 2 say we're in the future then?...after the jump catch more videos of this madness..and click here 2 read more about Jules..

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