Thursday, 27 November 2008

Sket - Renaissance EP - Out NoW!!

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A man named Sket from France is releasing an EP titled "Renaissance" and it features a bunch of guests including our very own MysDiggi so we had 2 let u people's gonna be available from Disorda real soon so stay posted....or 2 order from the crazy guitar guy himself hit up Sket now mutha luvaz!!

Here's the track list:

A side:
- Sketmatic - Feat Molongalen
- Doing it well - Feat Primeridian
- Le fossé s'creuse - Feat Adélib

B side:
- The Perfection - Feat Seven Star
- Full Effect - Feat Akin (Cyne), Mystro & Tchad Unpoe
- Music Feat Meemee Nelzy

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