Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Death Of Adam - News Report pt.1+2

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featuring Q-Tip and 88-Keys

An epk/skit 4 88-Keys' new album The Death Of Adam out on Decon Records October 28th 4 part2 and a track featuring Kanye
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This features Consequence and Kid Cudi

This tracks off the album and called Stay Up(viagra) and has Kanye West on it....

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Termanology Live Spitting w/ Tony Touch on Shade45 and more

expr:id=='"post-" +'> Terms got his new lp Politics As Usual on it's way so u know who he's about2be doing the he's dropping rhymes with the legendary Tony Touch from 50 MC's fame......

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Below is an epk for his LP as well as some behind the scenes footage of the How We Rock video shoot with Bun B and GANG of others....

This Is How We Rock!!

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Krohme - Goon Opera feat. Kool G Rap, C-Wrayz Walz, Chino XL, Sean Price and Hell-Razah

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The beat on this is sick... Read More......

Madlib - WLIB: King Of The Wigflip epk

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New promo 4 his new project out on BBE September 30th featuring a whole bunch of people.... Read More......

Brooklyn Academy - Summer School (Mixtape)

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If u remember the good old Rawkus era there was a crew who made a bit of noise off that 1st Lyricist Lounge compilation hosted by De La..... back then there were just 2 of them and they were called Word Of Mouth but not long after they gained more members and called them selves Brooklyn Academy and now this is them right here consisting of Pumpkin Head, Mr. Metaphor and Block McCloud.. they made a little come back a couple years back with an ep and now it's time 2 embrace a full length lp entitled Bored Of Education which is out next week i do beleive...

B4 that though here's a a little teaser called Summer School hosted by DJ Haze and featuring a bunch of artists from the underground from Wordsworth 2 Vinnie Paz.... Read More......

Q-Tip - Interview w/ Juan Epstein (Cypha Sounds+Pete Rosenberg

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This is a real interesting talk 4 those who were big Tribe fans of course....Tip covers alot of history from early Tribe material 2 meeting up with Dilla and as usual Pete and Cyph don't stop with the clowning but still ask some good questions.... Read More......

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

D.I.R.T. aka Heltah Skeltah - OnDaSpot Freestyle

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Sunday, 10 August 2008

R.I.P. Isaac Hayes - Another Legend Leaves Us

expr:id=='"post-" +'> RIP 2 Another G.O.A.T.

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Bonus: Theme To Shaft

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Saturday, 9 August 2008

R.I.P. Bernie Mac - U'll Be Missed Big Time

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Comedian Bernie Mac has died at the age of 50 after an extended bout with pneumonia.
Mac was in Northwestern Memorial hospital when he died on Saturday morning. No official cause of death has been announced by his family.
After rumors of his death, his condition seemed to improve. Mac’s publicist stated that he was “responding well to treatment” and that he expected to leave the Chicago-area facility in a few weeks.
The family has reportedly convened at the Mac household.
He passed away at approximately 5:45 am on Saturday, according to sources.
Mac also lived with sarcoidosis, an immune system disorder that results in swollen, inflamed lymph nodes, causes ulcers on the skin and also makes breathing difficult.
Representatives for Bernie Mac said previously that he was not hospitalized for complications associated with sarcoidosis.

"I've had sarcoidosis since 1983, and it has not altered or limited my lifestyle. No one knows where sarcoidosis comes from or where it starts, and there's no known cause for this condition that effects primarily minorities," Mac said in 2005.

Bernie Mac will be remembered for his brash, but frank comedic style that was a staple in the Black community. His on-stage musings quickly went mainstream through his television sitcom, “The Bernie Mac Show” and a storied music career.

Mac appeared in movies like “Who's the Man?” (1993), “House Party 3” (1994) and “The Walking Dead” (1995), Spike Lee’s Get on the Bus (1996) and 1999’s “Life” with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.
The movie of “Ocean's Eleven” (2001) put him in a movie that catered to middle America.
Bernie Mac was born Bernard Jeffrey McCollough in Chicago in 1957. He was reared in a rough neighborhood with a large family that would eventually be the backbone to his comic routine. His professional career started in 1977, when he was 19, and he refused to alter his style to accommodate critics.

Bonus: Play from about 20mins in 4 a look @ the late Bernie Mac in a different light..RIP..

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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Video: Lee "Scratch" Perry - Pum Pum

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Had2share this with u guys......."lookin da pum pum"...No extra points 4 guessing what keeps him going innit?..... Read More......

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Devin The Dude - High Y'all Doin ep2

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High Y'all Doin (Episode 2 - PSA) from Devin The Dude on Vimeo.

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Elzhi(Slum Village) - Colors (produced by Black Milk)

expr:id=='"post-" +'> New Elzhi produced by Black Milk from his solo album "The Preface"

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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Redman - I Run My Block(Video) & Big Scoob DVD Promo(Skit)

expr:id=='"post-" +'> Now u know the Funk Doc is back when we start hearing from him on this level......

And here's the video2this

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Friday, 1 August 2008

Termanology feat. Bun B of UGK - We Rock(produced by Preemo)

expr:id=='"post-" +'> Termanology puts the MC back in MC’ing, he’s a breath of fresh air in this dirty game.” - Bun B

“Term has a unique desire for the culture because he touches the issues that I can relate to as a TRUE HIP-HOP HEAD..his flows are nice, and he stays creative with his subject matter…he even speaks for me and not every new MC comin’ up can do that.” - DJ Premier

This beat is crazy!!...Both Term and Bun put it down on this i think....It's off the debut lp "Politics As Usual" from the Boston cat...Hip Hop aint dead yet mutha luvaz!!

Bonus: The album drops 30th Sept 08...Support that...Here's a little something2make sure u do. Read More......

Sean P - In The Middle Of No Where

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When you’re on a dirt path in the middle of UTAH getting passed by garbage trucks, it can seem all too much like a scene out of “The Hills Have Eyes.” Luckily Sean Price and his two Jewish Road Managers made it back to Brooklyn, NY safely, where Sean Price could complete the new Heltah Skeltah album “D.I.R.T.” in stores September 30th on Duck Down Records

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