Monday, 10 November 2008

Don't Sleep: Guilty Simpson

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Something made me click and realize the other day that it's SO easy 2 sleep on names u're not 100% familiar with in this day and age of artists popping up every other's even worse when a name pops up now and again but cos u haven't discovered it with your own ears u still sleep on in order 2 change that out look on things i'm starting a new section...simply named 'Dont Sleep'.... artists of all sorts will be high lighted just in case like me and many others u were sleeping.......if any of u have any other artists out there u reckon have what it takes 2 move the masses lemme know....anyway...Introducing Guilty Simpson....who i was sleeping on up untill a few weeks back...

This video is a track called 'Get Bitches' switched up2 'Riches' 4 obvious reasons....his album 'Ode To The Ghetto' is out now on Stones Throw....2 find out more and possibly support him click here....otherwise if u need more persuading hit the jump....

Black Milk feat. Guilty Simpson - 'Sound The Alarm'

Here he does 'Beast' live

Here's an interview with Hip Hop Official

Here he is over @ Kiss with Percee Pee, DJ Hose Shoes @ MKs spot

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