Thursday, 22 April 2010

UnbeWEAVEable Wednesdays pt.1

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Mystro Says via twitter: "ppl r on this #unbeweaveablewednesdays ting.. collect pics during the week+twitpic on Weds..I'm gonna get 'em posted on the blog"

So here we go.. the winner this week has to be @DjBlufoot because even though this isn't a weave the sheer fact that he was bold enough to start taking a pic of a random Eastern European looking lady in her face like that shows his dedication to this activity... click below to see other contenders for UnbeWEAVEableWednesdays ...

side note: I think there's a line in this some where that may have been the inspiration for this....smh..

ps. if you'd like to get involved then send pics of some f***ed up hairstyles to the email address in the side bar on the right with the subject "UnbeWEAVEableWednesdays"..i can't believe i just told you to do that....smh again.... more after the jump..

The above 2 pics were from @Mystrogen himself

This was taken by @JETSUN247

Another @DJBlufoot entry

This was taken by @CognacApple

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