Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Interview: Mystro @ Splore 2010 NZ

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Here's an interview and some live footage(& the rest..lol) of Mystro & Mikki Dee @ New Zealands Splore Festival 2010.... here you get to see some of the live set involving Video-DJ technology made by Serato with Mystro's videos projected on to 2 big screens via Mikki on the turn-tables, creating an innovative live experience.....BIG UP!! Also a verse from Mystro's up and coming 'Digmund Freud' EP....peep..

Catch more footage from Splore here..
Images by Jennifer raoult & Sebastian Grounauer
edited by Jennifer Raoult
Sound by Olivier Jean
Shot at Splore on the 20th of february in kapapakanga Regional Park, NZ.

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