Sunday, 28 December 2008

Video: 'Queens Get The Money" Produced by Jay Electronica

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So last night I listened 2 the "Untitled" lp 4 the 1st time(yeh i know a bit late and yeh...I'll admit i was sleeping because of those dodgy singles)...I was blown the fuck away by the 1st track and could only put it down 2 his recent link up with a certain Jay Electronica due 2 the style(bearing in mind i can hear Nas' influence on Jay Elec)...than get 2 find out he produced it...classic Nas ish if u ask me.....The video's directed by Racmaninoff......After the jump catch some footage of Nas with AZ doing some of their classics @ The Hammerstein Ballroom recently...

"Life's A Bitch"

"Phone Tap"

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