Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Audio: CiphaRosenberg Real Late/Juan Epstein Catch Up

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Here's a chance 2 catch up with Peter&Ciph over the last couple weeks...I know I've been a bit here and there with posts the last week but trust me it's worth it as we have a special little xmas present 4 u courtesy of DJ Thor and Mystro....hold tight 4 that 1(probably Boxing Day as a belated present)... 4 now though catch up with Ciph& here 2 hear them talk about a bunch of craziness as usual....this show right here was hilarious 4 the intro alone.....
Click here 4the episode about mothers and girlfriends, Rosenberg taking his girl on a date and college life... And finally this show has a part1 and a part2 and his highly recommended 4 the drive home as well as featuring Freeway hence the pic above...enjoy and Don't Sleep mutha luvaz!!

More treats b4 the big day so stay tuned..

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