Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Video: Joe Budden TV - Pow Wow pt.s 1-5

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Join Joe Budden getting ready 4 a meeting with Royce, Ortiz and i guess their reps/managers about a project(album/mixtape i guess) involving these 3 and Crooked I of Cali.....Sounds real interesting 2 about u?....peep some more after the jump..

They discuss where 2 record the project....funny..

Ortiz has an idea 4 a tune on the project...good idea i think....u?

Here they hit the lab 2 pick a beat from Red Spyder.....some BIG beats here...Budden amps every1 up2 get a tune going and it

Budden gets cocky in this episode...jokingly of course but u c the rest hard@work while he's on his camera man

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