Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mixtape: Just Dizle - Best Of Redman (Whut The Mix)

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Download this Just Dizle – Best Of Redman (Whut The Mix) and pay homage to a LEGEND of the sickness. Track list after the jizump... Shout out to Just Dizle for this MONSTER.


1.City Lights
2.Beet Drop
3.Soopaman Lova 4
5.Sooperman Luva II
6.Hold Dis Blaow
7.I’m Dope Nigga
8.Jersey Yo!
10.Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers
11.Green Island
12.My Zone
13.Rap Phenomenon
14.Lost One Freestyle
15.Smoke Buddah
17.Da Bump
18.Lose My Cool
19.Greedy Bitches
20.Flipmode Squads meets Def Squad
21.Keep On 99
22.Cosmic Slop
23.Gimmie One
24.Whateva Man
26.Gilla House Bounce
27.This Is It (Showoff Remix)
29.Iz He 4 Real
30.You Do, I Do
31.Buck Buck
32.Diggy Doc
33.Me And Those Dreamy Eyes Of Mine
34.Can U Dig It
35.Check’N'Me Out
36.Throw Your Hands In The Air
37.Freak Out
38.Down South Funk
39.Da Ill Out
41.Rockafella (Remix)
43.Beast From The East
45.Tonight’s Da Night
46.Maad Crew
47.Da Da Dahhh
48.Soopaman Luva 3
49.Get It Live
51.Tonite’s Tha Night (Kris Kross Redman Remix)
52.A Million and One Buddah Spots
53.Open Fire
54.Do The Damn Thing
56.I Don’t Kare
57.Real Niggaz
58.Breaker 1, Breaker 2
59.The Points
60.Rush The Security
61.Do What Ya Feel
62.How To Roll A Blunt
64.It’s Like That (My Big Brother)
65.Big Dogs
66.How’s That
67.A Day Of Sooperman Lover
68.Street Hop
69.U Ain’t Nobody
70.Well All Rite Cha
71.Muh Fucka
72.Coc Back
73.Pick It Up
74.How High (Original/Remix)
75.What U Lookin 4
76.On Fire
77.Brick City Mashin’
78.Simon Says (Remix)
79.Can’t Wait
80.Jam 4 U
82.Steppin’ It Up
83.Watch Yo Nuggets
84.Dangerous Mcees
85.Symphony 2000
88.4 3 2 1
89.How You Want It
90.Blow Your Mind
91.Gilla House Check
92.Rap Scholar
94.5 Boroughs
95.Lookin Fly
97.I’ll Bee Dat!
98.Da Rockwilder
99.Rater “R”
100.Walk In Gutta
102.Hey Zulu
103.Let Da Monkey Out
104.Time 4 Sum Aksion (Remix)
105.Cereal Killer
106.So Ruff
107.Smash Sumthin’
108.Da Goodness


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EZRA said...

A nice things sir..hahahaha

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