Monday, 14 December 2009

Video: Mystro - 'U Live & U Learn' F.D.T. EP OUT NOW!!!

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Directed By Ian Gamester

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Mystro Presents - The F.D.T. ep

A longstanding figure in the UK Hip-Hop scene, London-based lyricist and Natural Born Spittaz member Mystro makes a welcome return with his latest project, the succinct, hard-hitting EP “F.D.T.” a.k.a. “F**k Da Taxman”.

“F.D.T.” finds the usually good-natured Mysdiggi moving in a moodier direction with both the content of his rhymes and his choice of beats. Having largely made his name packing upbeat homegrown anthems such as 2003’s “My Type Of Party” with his trademark humorous punchlines, “F.D.T.” displays a different side to Mystro as both an artist and as an individual. That’s not to say the always affable emcee has completely abandoned the funky, fun-fuelled flavour that fans have come to expect from him, but on this release Mystro has a few issues he wants to address, and if that means stopping the party for a moment so that people pay attention, then so be it.

With that said, the EP’s opening cut “The Truth” may lull listeners into a false sense of security with its happy-go-lucky pianos. However, Mystro soon slaps the smile off the Super T-produced track’s face, pounding the beat with a relentless barrage of heavyweight lyrical blows. The neck-snapping “Banishment” is another gleefully direct track that goes some way to explaining the EP’s title, whilst “Live & U Learn” finds Mystro spinning some prickly limericks about fakers, backstabbers and gold-diggers with his usual flair for detail and acidic wit.

The solid “Maintain”, all hard drums and clipped strings, touches on the struggles faced by Mystro, and other talented artists like him, as he attempts to find his way through the maze that is today’s increasingly fickle rap game. Showing solidarity towards those rappers, deejays and producers who refuse to exchange their credibility for overnight success, Mystro colourfully likens his situation to “moving up a hill on a bike with one pedal”.

Whilst musical standards remain high throughout “F.D.T.”, the real jewel in the crown here has to be the next-level “Aquarius”, an ethereal blend of hypnotic chimes, hazy keys and Mystro’s insightful, socially-aware lyrics. The result of which is a brilliant track that deserves to be placed alongside the best to have emerged from the UK Hip-Hop scene in recent years.

The first of a handful of projects designed to tide fans over until the release of Mystro’s official full-length album “Mystrogen”, “F.D.T.” is impressive from start to finish, masterfully combining intelligent lyricism with diverse production from Super T, Thor and Earth Hip-Hop.

“This is almost like a destroy and rebuild project,” says Mysdiggi of “F.D.T.” “Aside from me saying the things I wanted to say on there, the EP is also about letting people know that UK Hip-Hop definitely isn’t dead. The scene might’ve changed, but there are still people out there making good music.”

Ryan Proctor

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