Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mixtape: J.Cole -'The Warm Up'

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Click here some FIRE!! Don't sleep on this dude either...personally I think Jay made a good move signing this kid...Track list and back cover after a hop, skip and a jump..

1. Intro (The Warm Up)
2. Welcome
3. Can I Live*
4. Grown Simba
5. Just To Get By
6. Lights Please
7. Dead Presidents II
8. I Get Up
9. World Is Empty
10. Dreams ft. Brandon Hines
11. Royal Flush
12. Dollar and a Dream II
13. Water Break (Interlude)
14. Heartache**
15. Get Away
16. Knock Knock
17. Ladies ft. Lee Fields and The Expressions
18. Til’ Infinity
19. The Badness ft. Omen
20. Hold It Down
21. Last Call
22. Losing My Balance

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