Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Trailer: Devin The Dude Show's Us How 2 Roll A Swisher(blunt)

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Yep....here u have it a pepamill and naturabornspittaz exclusive 4 u mutha luvaz... trailer 4 the interview with one of our favorite artists of these times....Devin The Dude...

Mystro says: "So this was back stage after his 1st UK appearance in the The Luminaire Kilburn with support from another big fan Sway(who opened up nice by the way)... during the show Devin went through many of his classics and the die hard fans in the building(nearly every1in there)more or less sang along with every tune in his set....trully amazing night... Devin rocked the crowd with just him and his DJ and a corona on the side..... later on after the show Spliff from the Pepamill grabs me and asks if I can interview Devin 4 him....I was like hell yeah and the rest.....well you'll c 4 urself..."

Full interview plus performance.....soon come mutha luvaz.....

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Tomnipresent said...

"rasta-chef" - genius!

hahah - nice to see you up on the bloggosphere Mys

Another new spot for me to linger.